March 09, 2024

To have a defensible business, you must own your audience

The internet is bursting at the seams with articles, videos, and podcasts on how to create digital products.

Anyone with even the slightest amount of ambition has the ability to "make a product once and sell it twice."

But for most people, it's not the "make it once" part that trips them up—it's the "sell it twice" part.

Marketing 101 says that to sell anything, people must know it exists.

So, how do you do that?

You need to find like-minded people who love what you're building and invite them into your orbit.

In short, you need an audience.

Today, the fastest way to grow an audience is through social media.

Sites like 𝕏 and Instagram use the power of network effects to spread your content further than you could on your own.

But how do you find the right people? To start:

  • Share what you're working on
  • Add value where you can
  • Engage in meaningful conversations

Do this, and watch your following take off.

But, always remember...

Algorithms and for-profit companies control these platforms.

When you invest time in audience growth on a social platform, you invest in rented land.

They can pull the rug out from under you without warning, leaving you with nothing.

You can use these platforms as tools, but you should always have a strategy to limit algorithmic risk.

What does that mean?

It means you should always work to transition any social following gained to a platform you control—an email list.

I can hear you now. "Email lists? A newsletter? In 2024?"

Yes—an owned list and newsletter is still the best way to build a direct relationship with your audience and sell your products.

As such, I'm doubling down on my newsletter (with increased organic/paid acquisition) and vowing to teach more creators about setting up and maintaining audience and sales through an email list.

Do you have a newsletter?

If so, does it collect dust, or are you actively participating with your audience?

If not—what are you waiting for?